French Drains

Good drainage around your home is the key solution to waterproofing your basement. J Bucci Inc. has been installing French Drains for Montreal clients since 1988. While installation of a French Drain helps ensure that your home stays dry and free of mold, it is important to understand that it is in conjunction with properly preparing the walls by doing crack injection, using a proper waterproof membrane and finishing the work professionally by grading the land away from your house. By implementing the French Drain you avoid the potential of groundwater collecting in the basement, rotting wood and creating mold. Engineers agree that the most effective way to eliminate water penetrating your foundation is to install a French Drain with perforated pipes wrapped in a sediment fabric and covered in clean gravel.

Installation of your French Drain

Our team views your project not just from the aspect of waterproofing your foundation. As a licensed landscaping company we are able to complete your job by using our excavators to install the French Drain, connect it to the drainage pit, use a sump pump to evacuate the water and complete the grading and landscaping at the end. Most other foundation repair experts will do a "dig & repair" job, but with J Bucci Inc. we will come back and either grade and sod your land (Softscaping) or at your request we can lay down Pavers or Patio Stones (Hardscaping).

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