Residential & Commerical Snow Removal in St Laurent

J Bucci Inc. is an licenced and insured RBQ contractor, offering affordable home snow removal services in the city of Saint-Laurent on the island of Montreal. Using a properly RBQ'd professional ensures that your property is safe and clear with every storm all winter long.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Seasonal Contracts
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Seasonal Snow Removal

With a seasonal snow removal contract you pay a flat fee for the entire winter and our company takes the responsibility of clearing the snow on a timely basis as per the agreement. Our management books early for the season, as every team has a maximum capacity that their equipment can handle and once the slots are filled we do not take more on as we require of ourselves the highest level of service for our existing clients.

Commercial and Parking Lot Snow Removal Service

Plline an ahead for a snow removal service. Condo associations are well aware that they are the 1st of defence against the snow and ice that threatens its members. At J Bucci our team has had 30 years of experience keeping people safe from the snow and ice and we look forward to keeping your friends and family safe throughout the winter months. We have the necessary equipment including plows, tractors, loaders, salters (salt trucks) and the dump trucks necessary if the snow needs to be taken completely off site. We don't look to save money by cutting back on salting or waiting around for snow to pile past a certain point. Our teams are dedicated to making sure the snow is removed and the ice is salted to help you avoid costly legal issues from members or visitors falling from snow or ice removal negligence. Our prices are fair and take into account average snow falls. We work with you and want your feedback to make sure that we retain your confidence year after year.